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Northern Virginia Sod

Delivery info for Northern Virginia

Although we are located in Maryland, we deliver to Northern Virginia on a daily basis!  The soil in Maryland is generally more conducive to sod production due to a reduced clay content in the soil.  We have many landscape and homeowner customers that order from us due to the fact that the soil on our sod has a lower clay content than the native Virginia soil.

If you are planting around a new construction, you will want to take a close look at the soil.  Sometimes fill dirt will be installed around the structure in which case the soil should be ammended with compost.

We usually require 24 hour notice for deliveries to Northern Virginia (within 15-20 miles of the beltway).  For orders further south or west, please give our office a call for scheduling at 410-827-5000

Fairfax Sod

Best Types of Sod

There are 2 types of grass that we recommend for home lawns in Virginia:

  • DuraBlend Tall FescueThis is our most popular sod type, since it grows well in both full sun and partial shade, and has a nice green color year-round.  It also requires less irrigation in the summer compared to Kentucky Bluegrass.  
  • ZoysiagrassZoysia is rapidly gaining in popularity due to that fact that it is very low maintenance.  Zoysia is a warm season grass that requires very little fertilizer, infrequent mowing, and is also very resistant to weed infiltration.  It forms a very nice lawn that stays nice and green even during drought.  The only downside to Zoysia is the fact that it turns completely dormant / brown in late October and then greens back up in April.  

A third option is Bermudagrass, of which we grow several varieties.  We generally do not recommend this for home lawns due to its aggressive nature (it will spread into your neighbors' lawns), though there are situations where it makes sense to use it.  Give us a call for info on our Bermuda varieties.

How to Install

You have two options:  You can either contact a landscaper or install yourself!

Give us a call at 410-827-5000 or send us an email and we can recommend landscapers who purchase from us.

Installing yourself?  Read our installation guide and give us a call if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!