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Contractor Sod

Central Sod offers many products and services available only to our landscape and contractor customers! We have several specialty grass types, we rent installation machinery, and also provide sod installation service for certain jobs. Call our office for more info or for a quote on your next project.

Wholesale Info


Quick Delivery

Sod Delivery

We understand how often your jobs change! We offer same-day pickup orders and can usually deliver same or next-day. In addition to quick delivery, all of our trucks carry forklifts and can unload themselves.

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Big Roll Sod

Big Roll Sod Installation

Central Sod can harvest all of our grass types as big rolls, saving you a huge amount of labor costs. Don't have installation equipment? Central Sod provides equipment at no additional charge on most jobs over 8000 square feet!

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Certified Sod

Certified Sod

Most of our sod varieties are State Certified for use on government, park service, and state highway jobsites. This means that they are grown from approved cultivars, are inspected by the Department of Agriculture, and are weed and disease free. See our submittal info below and call us if you need a submittal that is not listed! See our sod submittals...

Wholesale Pickup Locations

Central Sod has 3 retail / wholesale pickup locations where contractors and homeowners can pick up by the roll and by the pallet. Click for map of locations

Alexandria VA
8801 Richmond Highway
Alexandria VA

Order by 2pm for pickup the following morning. We try to stock extra sod for same-day orders, call for availability.

We carry all sod types at this location ⛳

Annapolis MD
1839 Pleasant Plains Road
Annapolis MD 21409

Same day pickups / walk ins availble. Please call ahead for larger orders over 6 pallets.

We carry DuraBlend Tall Fescue only at this location (our most popular sod type)

Centreville MD
920 John Brown Road
Centreville MD 21617

Same day pickups / walk ins availble. Please call ahead for larger orders over 6 pallets. This is our main production farm and main office.

We carry all sod types at this location ⛳

Soil Types

Central Sod grows sod on different soil types in order to better suit certain projects. We have both sand-based soil and native soil that each have different applications.

Native Soil

Native soil matches most soil found on the western shore of Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

  • Clay Loam Soil
  • Holds water well, reducing need for irrigation
  • Better at holding nutrients in soil
  • Best for lawns, around buildings, general use

Sandy Soil

Our sandy soil is found on the eastern shore of Maryland, Virginia, and Delaware.

  • Sandy Loam Soil
  • Better at draining water
  • Percolates nutrients more quickly
  • Best for sports fields, golf, and bio-retention spec projects.


Installing kentucky bluegrass big rolls
Installing bermudagrass big roll sod
Installing sod in front yard

Did you know that Central Sod provides big roll sod installation service for certain jobsites? Our equipment operators work with your own crew to quickly install up to 20 tractor trailer loads a day. Try doing that with palletized sod!

Call our office at 410-827-5000 for more information about installation service.