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Big Roll Sod

What are big rolls?

"Big rolls" are large rolls of sod that are laid out using a special machine called a big roll installer. While traditional palletized sod comes in small rolls that can be installed by hand, each of these big rolls weighs approximately 1500 lbs and covers 315 square feet.

Sod available in big rolls:
  • DuraBlend® Tall Fescue
  • HD2000® / HGT Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass
  • Zenith Zoysia

All four varieties are eligible for the Maryland Certified Sod Program.

Installing bermudagrass big roll sod

Benefits of Using Big Rolls

Labor Savings

Having to sod a large jobsite traditionally takes a large crew. Using our big roll installers, a crew of 3 men can install six to eight tractor trailer loads of sod a day. Try doing that with pallets!

Less Lifting

In addition to saving on labor costs, big roll sod will save your crew's backs as well. No more lifting rolls off of pallets and bending to install them. The machine does the heavy lifting, meaning you can install more sod with less manpower.

Playable Sooner

Big rolls have fewer seams than traditional sod, meaning athletes are less likely to tear fresh installs. Fields can be played on in as little as two weeks after installation. If you need to use them sooner, we also offer thick cut big roll sod. The added weight means you can use the field almost immediately after installation.

Use our Machines

We offer free usage of big roll installation equipment to our landscape customers free of charge, as long as it is returned within 48 hours. No need to buy an maintain equipment that you only use a few times a year!

Big Roll Sod Delivery

Big Roll Sod on Delivery Truck
How many rolls come on each truck?

Load size varies due to moisture content, but we can usually carry between 26 and 28 rolls per tractor trailer. This equates to just under 9000 square feet of sod.

What are the dimensions of each roll?

The rolls are 42" inches wide by 90' feet long. Each roll is 315 square feet.

How are the rolls unloaded and moved?

The rolls are unloaded by inserting a fork into the hollow plastic tube at the center of the roll. Once delivered, the contractor can use either a big roll installer or a skid-steer with a fork attachment to move the rolls as required.

More Info or to Place an Order

Big Roll Sod is only available for landscape contractors... Please contact our office for more info. Give us a call at 410-827-5000 or email