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About Us

Central Sod Farms was established in 1976 on a small 20 acre farm in Wheatland, Illinois. A family operation from the start, Central Sod soon grew to over 300 acres of sod production overseen by Dick Warpinski Sr. and his 9 children. The early days of sod production was much different than it is today. To the right is a picture of Dick Sr.'s family in a sod field with an early delivery truck.

In the 90s, two of Dick Sr.'s sons moved to Maryland and opened a sod operation. The Illinois Farms expanded sod and grain production. During the continued growth of the company, a strong emphasis was placed on producing quality sod that exceeds in standards. Landscapers and site developers know that their clients need grass that not just looks flawless but is also healthy, mature and will survive. Central Sod provides healthy and mature sod that not just looks good, but also performs and thrives! Homeowners turn to Central Sod for advice on growing great lawns. Landscapers, superintendants, groundskeepers and homeowners all have come to know that the sod from Central performs better and establishes faster than competetiors.

Today Central Sod is a national leader in sod production. Cutting edge technology developed in the past 10 years has enabled us to provide better service. We offer order tracking and SMS alerts for deliveries so you know when to expect your order. We hand select our seed blends every year based on top performing seeds for this particular region. We utilize smart technology and advanced harvesting techniques to ensure sod viability. Our sod is cut to order and is always fresh. Our focus is always on premium quality and service - it's the Central Sod way!

We are thankful for the opportunity to expand and serve our local area - from Northern Virginia and DC to Southern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. Thank you for supporting Central Sod Farms of Maryland.