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Wildflower & Meadow Grass Mix

Jonathan Green

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Product Overview

Jonathan Green's Wildflower and Meadow Grass Mix contains over 25 annual and perennial wildflowers, hard fescue grass seed, and birdsfoot trefoil creating a beautiful wildflowers and meadow grass landscape.

This seed mixture has the ability to reseed itself and birdsfoot trefoil grows bright yellow flowers. This is the ideal seed mixture to plant in areas that you don't want to mow, such as on slopes or in poor soils that you can't maintain.

The annual wildflowers produce flowers the first year and the perennial wildflowers will reseed themselves, providing even more color and beautiful blooms every year after. The flowers in this mixture like full sun best but some grasses, such as hard fescue and birdsfoot trefoil, will grow in partial shade. Wildflower and Meadow Grass Mix does not need to be fertilized. This seed germinates in 21-40 days. This 1 lb Bag
Covers up to 1,000 sq. ft.