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Product Overview

A huge bag of premium topdressing delivered by Central Sod. This is 100% compost and is great for applying over seedings in spring and fall!

  • Covers 1500 SQFT to a 1/4" inch depth
  • No mess or ruts left in the yard by a dump truck
  • No trips to the garden center loading and unloading bag after bag
  • Premium compost
  • Each terra-tote contains approx 30 cubic feet of mixture
  • Can be placed wherever you like in your yard accessible with our forklift... Just mark an X and we will put it there!

Why Our Topdressing?

Our premium topdressing is a STA certified, nutrient-rich powerhouse thanks to its high organic matter content, broad spectrum of slow release nutrients and beneficial microorganisms! Premium topdressing is compost that's made from a blend of the highest grade agricultural feedstocks, composted and tested regularly through the US Composting Council's Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) Program to verify and ensure quality and consistency. Applying topdressing is an excellent way to build fertile, productive, and healthy soil!


  • The fertility supplied by topdressing is released slowly, lasting for at least an entire growing season if not several years, providing safe and sustainable organic nutrients
  • The abundant microorganisms in topdressing act to enhance the soil’s immune system, helping to fight off and prevent soil diseases
  • The physical characteristics of the organic matter help build strong soil structure, creating well aggregated and porous, yet sponge-like soil matrix that is more resistant to compaction. This matrix provides for the right balance of moisture and oxygen in the root zone which promotes healthy deep rooting plants. It also improves the moisture holding capacity of light sandy soils while improving infiltration and permeability in heavier clay based soils
  • Improves the cation exchange capacity (CEC) and can help adjust soil pH

Our Premium topdressing has a rich brown black color, a fine particle size, and a nice granular texture. With a high organic matter content, it has a broad spectrum of essential nutrients, beneficial soil biology and a near neutral pH. This light and spongy topdressing is screened to 1/2″, and weighs 1250 to 1850 lbs/cubic yard.

How Delivery Works

  1. Order - Order online or by phone
  2. Mark the Area - You do not need to be home for delivery; just mark where you would like the tote dropped with an "X"
  3. Delivery - We deliver within one week!