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Topdressing Mix


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Product Overview

A huge bag of premium topdressing delivered by Central Sod. This is 100% compost and is great for applying over seedings in spring and fall.
  • Covers 1500 SQFT to a 1/4" inch depth
  • No mess or ruts left in the yard by a dump truck
  • No trips to the garden center loading and unloading bag after bag
  • Premium compost
  • Each terra-tote contains approx 30 cubic feet of mixture
  • Can be placed wherever you like in your yard accessible with our forklift... Just mark an X and we will put it there!

How Delivery Works

  1. Order - Order online or by phone
  2. Mark the Area - You do not need to be home for delivery; just mark where you would like the tote dropped with an "X"
  3. Delivery - We deliver within one week!