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Product Overview

A huge bag of premium soil delivered by Central Sod. This high quality, high-organic soil is great for growing grass, flowers, or a garden.

  • No mess or ruts left in the yard by a dump truck
  • No trips to the garden center loading and unloading bag after bag
  • Premium enriched BLACK topsoil
  • Each terra-tote contains approx 30 cubic feet of soil
  • Can be placed wherever you like in your yard accessible with our forklift... Just mark an X and we will put it there!

Curious about the difference between topsoil and garden soil? Check out this article to learn just that!

Why our garden soil?

Our garden soil is the best option for when you need to super-charge nutrient content in your soil! It's made from a 70/30 blend of STA Certified Premium Compost and native loam soil, yielding an organic matter content with an average of 8-10% by weight. This rich soil blend increases fertility and water holding capacity.

Designed for applications where a more organically rich soil is desired such as:

- Raised garden beds
- Regular planting beds
- Finish grading under sod
- Filling in divots
- General landscaping

Our Garden Soil is a high organic matter soil with uniform consistency and reliable performance. It is screened regularly in small batches to ensure freshness. This well-balanced, loamy soil is easy to work with, has a near neutral pH and rich fertility. The loam texture and organic matter combine to create a well aggregated soil matrix, promoting ideal moisture holding capacity while the porosity allows for excess moisture to percolate through. This strong soil matrix also promotes deep rooting and resistance to compaction. Our Garden Soil provides all plant nutrient and mineral requirements and beneficial soil biology for healthy disease resistance!

How Delivery Works

  1. Order - Order online or by phone
  2. Mark the Area - You do not need to be home for delivery; just mark where you would like the tote dropped with an "X"
  3. Delivery - We deliver within one week!