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New Jersey Sod Prices

We deliver to New Jersey

Though we are located in Maryland, we deliver sod in New Jersey every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. This allows us to send several orders on the same truck and offer reduced freight pricing for our customers! Please call us to place an order since the online freight pricing currently does not show the reduced pricing.

We will also deliver sod on other days of the week depending on scheduling. Please call our office for info! 800-866-1387 You can also email us at

Sod Recommendations for NJ

You have the choice of several different grass types in New Jersey:

  • DuraBlend Tall Fescue - is best if you have partial shade, as it is the most shade tolerant of the grasses we grow. It also does well in full sun, and is drought and disease tolerant.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass - is an excellent choice for lawns that are mostly full sun. Its deep green color and fine texture make it a great grass for northern lawns.
  • Zoysia - is great because it requires less fertilizer, less mowing, and less maintenance compared to other grasses. The only drawback to Zoysia is that it experiences winter dormancy and it will be brown from late October to April. Some people do not mind this look, and it is particularly well suited to vacation properties that are used less frequently during the off season.

Check out our sod types comparison for more info on our turfgrass.