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Montgomery County Sod

Delivery info for Mongomery County, Maryland Area

We deliver every day to Montgomery county, and can usually deliver within 24 hours!  Each of our trucks carry a piggyback forklift and can unload pallets wherever needed, as long as the area is accesible. 

We deliver with both tractor trailers and smaller straight trucks which are easier to operate in areas with smaller streets such as Rockville and Bethesda.

Best Types of Sod

There are 3 types of grass that we recommend for the Montgomery County area:

  • DuraBlend Tall FescueThis is our most popular sod type, since it grows well in both full sun and partial shade, and has a nice green color year-round.  It also requires less irrigation in the summer compared to Kentucky Bluegrass.   More Info >
  • Kentucky BluegrassKentucky Bluegrass has a finer texture than the DuraBlend but also requires more water and full sun.  It is used on golf courses and on lawns which are professionally maintained since it is more difficult to care for compared to Fescue. More Info >
  • ZoysiagrassZoysia is rapidly gaining in popularity in Montgomery County after the Lawn Pesticide ban in 2015.  Zoysia is a warm season grass that requires very little maintenance and is also very resistant to weed infiltration.  It forms a very nice lawn that stays nice and green even during drought.  The only downside to Zoysia is the fact that it turns completely dormant / brown in late October and then greens back up in April.  More Info >
Pallet of Sod - Montgomery County

Soil in Montgomery County

Most soil in Montgomery county is a silty loam, which means it is good for growing grass!  You will sometimes find some rocky soil in which case you would want to remove any rocks larger than about 1" prior to planting new sod.  

If you are planting around a new construction, you will want to take a close look at the soil.  Sometimes fill dirt will be installed around the structure in which case the soil should be ammended with compost.

How to Install

You have two options:  You can either contact a landscaper or install yourself!

Give us a call at 410-827-5000 or send us an email and we can recommend landscapers who purchase from us... We do business with landscapers from Bethesda and Potomac all the way up to Gaithersburg and Clarksburg. 

Installing yourself? Read our installation guide and give us a call if you have any questions.  We are happy to help!