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Starter Fertilizer 600 SQFT

Central Sod

Perfectly sized for a pallet of sod.
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Product Overview

Great for New Sod 
Newly planted seed and sod needs proper nutrients for a healthy root system to establish. This blend of fertilizer is designed to promote turf establishment and is the recommended product to apply when both seeding and sodding. 

Take the Guesswork Out of Measuring 
These small bags of starter fertilizer are conveniently sized to cover exactly one pallet of sod (600 square foot pallet). Are you installing 3 pallets? Just spread 3 bags over the area. Installing a half pallet? Just use half of the bag and save the remainder for the future! 

• 10-10-10 Formulation 
• 4.5 Lbs 
• Covers 600 Square Feet 
• Quick Release Nutrients are Immediately Available to Grass 
• Economical 

How to Use 
This should be applied to the soil prior to laying sod or seed on top. There is no need to work into the soil. Lay sod immediately afterwords. 

When to Use 
Use whenever planting new sod or seed. Do not use if planting dormant (brown) sod in winter since the grass is not actively growing and will not use the nutrients. 

Grass Types 
This is recommended for all grass types.

Starter fertilizer is recommended whenever installing sod or seed. Spread this fertilizer on the ground before installing sod on top.

Convenient bag size covers exactly a pallet of sod!