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Bermuda Grass Sprig Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the number of bushels you need to order for a given area.

Area to Cover
Desired Rate
bushels / acre
400 bu / ac - lowest recommended rate
800 bu / ac - medium
1200 bu / ac - high (quickest grown in)

A lower rate will be more economical, but will take longer to establish. Conversely, sprigging at a higher rate will use more sprigs but will result in a faster grow in.


You will need 0 bushels. This is approximately 0 cubic yards of compressed sprigs.

What are sprigs?

Bermuda sprigs are essentially chopped up bermuda grass plants, roots and stolons. These are spread using a special machine called a sprig planter which knifes the loose plants into the soil. These take root and begin filling in the entire area.

Loose Tahoma 31 sprigs after harvest

Sod vs. Sprigs

We sell our Tahoma 31 Bermuda as both sod and sprigs:
-Instantly ready - in most cases sod can be used immediately
-Easy to install - No special equipment is needed for installation
-Takes longer to install for larger areas
-More expensive for larger areas

-Lower cost for large areas
-Faster installation process
-Needs more specialized equipment for installation
-Takes 3-8 weeks to "grow-in" prior to use

Sprig planter installing Tahoma 31 on golf fairway.

How are bermuda sprigs harvested?

We harvest our sprigs using a special sprig harvester. The machine chops and loads healthy sprigs from our irrigated bermuda sod fields. These are then loaded into a truck for delivery to the customer.

Bermuda Sprigs are sold by the bushel. Each bushel is roughly 0.4 cubic feet of compressed sprigs. This means that there are 67.5 bushels in a cubic yard of sprigs.

Harvesting Bermuda sprigs at Central Sod