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Why We Love Zoysia and Think You Will Too

Zoysia is a Great Grass for the Mid-Atlantic Region

If you're looking for a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn, look no further than Zoysia grass. If you're wondering if you should make the switch to Zoysia grass this warm-season grass is well-suited to the Mid-Atlantic region, where hot summers and cool winters make it challenging to grow a thriving lawn year-round. Here are some reasons why Zoysia is a great choice for this region:

  • Low Maintenance
  • Less Mowing
  • Excellent Aesthetic Appeal
  • Dormancy in Winter
Catherine Abramavage
Posted by Catherine Abramavage on May 22, 2023
Zoysia lawn by house

Low Maintenance

Do you want a great looking lawn without the hassle of maintenance? A grass that grows in thick and crowds out weeds? Zoysia grass is my favorite lawn because you can plant it and forget it (kind of). Zoysia grass requires less maintenance than other types of grasses. It grows slowly and forms a thick, dense mat that crowds out weeds, reducing the need for herbicides. It also requires less watering than other types of grasses, making it a great choice for regions with periodic droughts.

Less Mowing

Unlike other grasses that require frequent mowing, Zoysia grass only needs to be mowed once every two weeks during the summer months. This means less work for homeowners and more time to enjoy their beautiful lawn.

Excellent Aesthetic Appeal in the Heat of the Summer

When it comes to aesthetics, Zoysia grass is hard to beat. It has a beautiful, lush green color that looks great in the summer months, and its thick, dense growth pattern gives it a carpet-like appearance that's pleasing to the eye. Zoysia grass is also more resistant to disease and pests than other grasses, making it a reliable choice for homeowners.

Dormancy in Winter

One of the unique features of Zoysia grass is that it goes dormant in the winter months, turning brown until the warmer weather returns. This is not a problem in the Mid-Atlantic region, where most foliage turns brown during the winter. In fact, dormant Zoysia grass is much less noticeable than brown or bare patches in other types of grasses.

In conclusion, Zoysia grass is a great choice for homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic region who want a beautiful lawn that requires minimal maintenance. With its low water requirements, reduced need for herbicides, and infrequent mowing needs, Zoysia is an excellent investment for those looking to have a beautiful lawn all year round.

Will Zoysia Grass Work For Me?

It depends on your needs and wants. Here at Central Sod Farms - we love Zoysia sod because it requires less mowing, less watering and less fertilizer. It's what we have around our office. Zoysia will save you money because it requires less care, less labor and since it spreads through stolons and rhizomes, you won't be needing to over seed. If your yard gets damaged from traffic, pets or from practicing your golf swing, Zoysia will self-repair. Best of all you won't need to treat for weeds because Zoysia will crowd them out.

You should buy Zoysia sod if your yard has full sun, you're looking for a lawn that requires little upkeep and you don't mind that it turns brown in the winter. We deliver Zoysia to Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Sometimes people ask us how to get the Zoysia to green up faster in the spring - follow this link for tips on how to make it appear green sooner.