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GreenStake Biodegradable Stakes

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Product Overview

Better than metal! 

• Anchors better than metal staples 
• Reduced risk of injury for both people, pets, and machines 
• Reduced labor - no need to return to job sites to remove metal staples 
• Completely breaks down in a little over 18 months - metal staples can take up to 10 years to break down 


• Securing landscape fabrics and netting
• Pinning down turf grass and mulch mats
• Anchoring erosion control blanket

How to use

• Insert in to ground by pressing with your hand
• For hard ground, use a rubber mallet to hammer the GreenStakes into the ground

GreenStakes are made from plant-based material derived from wheat and potato starches and will not cause harm to animals should it be consumed by them


(No reviews yet) Write a Review